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Université de Montréal et IRD
France, Canada, Mali, Brésil
Type of Study
Multiple cases study approach
Key Focus of Study
The aim of this project is to compare the epidemic response to COVID-19 in Brazil, Canada, France, and Mali. This comparison will be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in the response, including challenges for health professionals and health systems. Specifically, the four research questions are: 1. How was the response planned, organized, and implemented at national and subnational levels? 2. How was scientific evidence, news media, and social media used throughout the process of response planning, organizing, and implementing by decision-makers and health professionals? 3. What was the resiliency and vulnerability of health professionals and health systems during the planning and implementation? 4. What collective and practical lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis can be drawn for better preparation and response in the future?
Key Stakeholders
National and regional MoHs, COVID-19 designated and non-designated hospitals manager and professional, local public health departments
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Funding Institution(s)
Canadian Institute of Health Research (CHIR), Agence Nationale de Recherche (ANR)
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