Invitation to the Sonar-Global online workshop

September 14, 2021

Date and time

14th September 2021   

3:00 pm – 5.30 pm ICT | 9:00 am – 11.30 am BST

15th September 2021   

3:00 pm – 5.30 pm ICT | 9:00am – 10.30 am BST


Why this workshop?

Antibiotic resistance is a global public health concern, and a particular threat in Asia, where the burden of infectious disease remains high, and antibiotic access and use have increased dramatically. The largest volume of antibiotics is used in agriculture, with little monitoring or regulation. In the human domain, antibiotics are often provided without health providers following diagnostic guidelines; they are also sold widely over-the-counter and taken in inappropriate doses. These practices are entwined with the social, cultural, and economic context in which they are found. They also have clear implications for the development and spread of antibiotic resistance. Understanding the social dimensions of these practices is crucial to designing effective interventions to mitigate the threat of antibiotic resistance.

Who will present the workshop?

We invite researchers working in social sciences, ethics, public engagement, and epidemiology related to AMR in Asia to share research findings and/or research plans. This will be an interactive meeting with time allocated for sharing of ideas and discussions.

We propose a meeting with presentations (2 sessions over 2 days) followed by a 1-hour online discussion session (Day 2 after the main meeting, optional) with the focus on identifying research gaps, prioritizing a research agenda and brainstorming ideas for potential future funding applications. A meeting report will be written.

How to participate?

Attendance is free. All speaking slots are taken now, but you can still participate as an attendee. Please complete the following form ( by the 31st of August 2021.

For inquiries please contact Rita Chanviriyavuth at

Meeting convenors: Phaik Yeong Cheah, Sonia Lewycka, Maren Jeleff and Chris Pell
Organisers: Sonar-Global, Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU), and Oxford University Clinical Research Unit Vietnam (OUCRU).

Special Issue “Social Dimensions of Antibiotic Resistance in Asia – a One Health Perspective”

We are inviting submissions to a special issue of the same theme in the journal “Antibiotics” guest edited by the meeting conveners. Please click here for more information The deadline for submissions is 28 February 2022.

Photovoice study – photos with narratives 

The community-led media study is cooperated by Oxford University Clinical Research Unit – Vietnam and the Vietnam National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

The study objectives are to (i) pilot the community-based participatory action research method, (ii) explore the actual situation of antibiotic use in the community and livestock production through focus group discussions and photographs, (iii) provide insights into the antimicrobial resistance issue to local authority and decision-makers.

Twenty-two women and farmers in Vu Ban and Giao Thuy Districts, Nam Dinh Province have become participants, photographers, and co-researchers to perform research activities. The study consists of training, photo-taking mission, and participatory group discussions to explore current knowledge and practices around antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance. Several exhibitions have been conducting to raise awareness about the critical health issue among broader communities. The diverse stories would provide audiences with a more comprehensive picture of women’s and farmers’ experiences toward antimicrobial resistance in Vietnam.

Download the Photos with Narratives here

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