OPERATE SOC AMR curriculum

The Sonar-Global OPERATE-SOC AMR training curriculum is an intended resource for trainers who aim to provide an interdisciplinary training into the social dimensions of AMR in practice, using a One Health framework as a point of departure. The curriculum complements the more theoretical specialized social science curriculum SPECIAL-SOC AMR. OPERATE-SOC incorporates the basic elements of SPECIAL-SOC but invites students to work together on the operationalization of social dimensions in practice.

The training aims:

To render visible the social dimensions of AMR
To learn about social science perspectives and tools
To train students on interdisciplinary collaboration
To learn from practical fieldwork in one’s own professional context

The OPERATE-SOC AMR curriculum integrates interdisciplinary thinking categorized into three types of modules: online self-study, interactive meetings, and fieldwork. The online self-study can be followed in the MOOC The Social Dimensions of Antimicrobial Resistance, hosted by the University of Amsterdam in Coursera.

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