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Sonar-Global Platform

The main focus of the Sonar-Global Platform is the integrated networking database of social sciences, for which Sonar-Global collects data in all countries addressing infectious threats and engaging in the SoNAR-Global Platform by participants’ self-completion of an online profile subscription. The purpose of this database is to compile the names, specializations, professional experience, training and contact information of social scientists around the world. It can be accessed through password-protected access by relevant actors, organizations and institutions seeking your expertise in a particular domain of infectious threats. To join the networking database, SoNAR-Global requests that you provide your professional information as well as your training and contact information.

This database is in conformity with EU regulation on ethics and personal data protection and management. It is open to all members of the Sonar-Global Platform, subscribed on a voluntary basis. All participants must follow an opt-in process. Your rights to access and alter your collected personal data and to withdraw your consent to participate are respected.

Below is additional information on your rights:

  • The Sonar-Global website and platform and all data contained, including personal data, are hosted on a secure server located in the EU.
  • Consultation of your provided data will be possible for both EU and non-EU country research institutions, centers, national authorities, which are members of the Sonar-Global Platform.
  • In order for the data collection and processing to occur, you must read this information notice and tick the informed consent checkboxes at the moment of the online subscription, then explicitly request to join the Sonar-Global Platform.
  • We respect your rights to access, rectify, or oppose collected personal data or to withdraw from the database altogether. Simply log in to your profile where you can withdraw and permanently erase or edit your data.
  • Data integrity, portability, back-up measures and security measures for data transfer through encryption are conducted, where necessary.
  • Your data will be kept for fifteen years after the completion of the Sonar-Global project (February 2022).

Sonar-Global is responsible for declaring the database to the relevant European regulatory authorities for personal data and to other committees according to country or regional regulations.

We collect and provide information on EU and non-EU individual participants and institutions. The database includes participants from low resource countries. To promote equity, information is provided on an open basis to low resource participants and countries, with priority given to web technology that can be used in regions with low connectivity.

You may at any time contact the Sonar-Global Data Protection Officer:

Sonar-Global Newsletter

The Sonar-Global project collects your email address, first name and last name if you opt-in to receive the Sonar-Global newsletter. This collected information will be used exclusively to send you information emails, approximately 4 per year. It will not be shared with any third party. The emails are stored in the server of the MailChimp company in compliance with their data protection and privacy rules. In compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have a right to access, correct and erase your personal data. To do so, please contact the Sonar-Global Communications Manager. You can opt out of the mailing list by using the link at the bottom of the project emails.


Online platforms (websites and applications) use cookies to manage their services. The only cookie we currently use for Sonar-Global is Google Analytics, a marketing analytics and measurement program to collect basic data on website usage. This utility uses cookies stored in the user computer or mobile phone. This information is usually transmitted to a Google server in the US, where it is stored. Recorded anonymous data can then be transmitted by Google to third parties, provided this is legally required or third parties process this data on behalf of Google. Google respects the provisions of the agreement “safe harbor” or “Safe Harbor” signed by the Department of US trade. It is possible at any time, to prevent the collection and recording of data with prospective effect. “Opt-out cookies” tools are available online, such as or

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