The Rapid Assessment of Vulnerable Populations

The Rapid Assessment of Vulnerable Populations: A Barefoot Manual


This manual focuses on the Rapid Assessment of Vulnerable Populations. It outlines a structure through which information can be captured regarding service utilization, social and cultural capital analysis, community engagement vectors, and the identification of hidden populations and unrecognized case definitions of vulnerability.

It is not in itself a field tool, but a guidebook. It, therefore, is not designed for selective adaptation of its domains of inquiry; nor should it be employed without an awareness that assumed categories of vulnerability are always and everywhere present, or that it is acceptable to presume comprehensive knowledge of vulnerable populations, which can emerge unexpectedly.

If assistance is sought in developing a specific assessment in the manner outlined in this Barefoot Manual, please contact its author, A. David Napier (

NB: The pdf is offered in spreadsheets so that the Manual can be printed out on a desktop computer, folded, and stapled for easy utilization.

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